18 November 2014 09:40am

All services are now back up and running. An update was restored from 12:00 on 17 November 2014, so any changes made since this point may have been lost.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and are continuing our investigation with our supplier to determine the cause.

18 November 2014 8:45am

Server 209 experienced a technical failure at 15:58 17/11/14, affecting all sites hosted on that server.

Efforts to restore the server in cooperation with our hosting supplier continued until 19:00 when it was decided that the failure was terminal. At this point all efforts switched to launching a new server.

All of our technical resources are working alongside our supplier to launch the new server and configure all effected websites using a backup that was made at 12:00 yesterday.

A complete and thorough investigation will be held in cooperation with our hosting supplier once services return to normal.

Further updates can be obtained by visiting www.castus3.co.uk/update.

For more information, call Castus on 01909 547100